Emergency Ambulance for
Columbiana & Mahoning Counties Ohio

Emergency Ambulance Service for Columbiana & Mahoning County Residents

KLG Mobile Intensive Co. is the best choice for emergency ambulance transportation services in Columbiana and Mahoning counties in Ohio. Our Basic and Advanced Life Support ambulances provide paramedic transport service. We provide our healthcare clients with state-of-the art transportation, biphasic defibrillation, computerized ventilators, CPAP, IV pumps, advanced 12-lead EKG capabilities, external pacemakers, and pulse oximetry. KLG Mobile Intensive Co. provides emergency medical transportation services to local residents when they need it the most. If you need emergency medical services call KLG Mobile Intensive Co., at (330) 337-4554.

KLG Mobile Intensive Co. is Ready to Provide Life Saving Services

KLG Mobile Intensive Co. offers emergency medical transportation services to treat illness, injuries and conditions that require an urgent response. Our crew provides emergency service to any hospital in Columbiana and Mahoning counties in Ohio. KLG Ambulance has a modern and reliable fleet of ambulances to get you where you need to be to receive life-saving rescue care. We also offer standby service at many community events in the area. If you require transportation for a hospital discharge or transfer to another facility, the crew from KLG Mobile Intensive Co. can make sure you get there.

We offer Basic & Advanced Life Support ambulance transportation service:

Our Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support ambulances provide a full range of basic medical transportation services including:
Non-emergency transport
Doctor appointment
Hospital discharges
Dialysis patient transport
Inter-hospital transfers
Psychiatric patient transport
Wound Care Transport
Physical Therapy Appointments
We are equipped with the most advanced equipment and medications enabling our paramedics to manage the patient’s needs during any type of Advanced Life Support including:
Emergency service transport
Ventilator dependent patients
I.V. medicated patients
ER discharges to nursing homes/skilled care
Pediatric and neonatal transports
Multi-trauma and burn patients

Depend On Us for an Immediate Response When You Need It

A quick response is what you need in an emergency medical situation. KLG Mobile Intensive Co. knows when your life is on the line every second counts. You never know when an accident, or emergency medical condition might strike. Whether you require immediate services from our crew at home, on the road, in a store, or anywhere else in the area, you can trust that KLG Ambulance will be there. Our crew will take you or family member to the nearest hospital to receive immediate medical care.

KLG Values Our Community and the Residents We Serve

KLG Mobile Intensive Co. is here to respond to any Basic Life Support, advanced life support or any other 911 situation that requires an immediate response. We know that every day someone in the community will be counting on us to transport them or loved one to live saving care. KLG Ambulance values our community and the individuals we serve. When it comes to an emergency medical situation, you only have one chance to get it right. Call on the state certified paramedics of KLG Mobile Intensive Co. when you need life preserving care in Columbiana and Mahoning counties in Ohio.