Non-Emergency Medical Transport
for Salem, Lisbon & Boardman, OH

KLG Offers Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services to the Community

KLG Mobile Intensive Co. is the best choice for non-emergency medical transportation in Columbiana and Mahoning counties in Ohio. We provide our healthcare clients and patients with state-of-the art transportation, and ambulance services. KLG Ambulance provides local and long distance non-emergency medical transportation services for all healthcare clients in need in the community. This includes transportation for dialysis appointments, physical therapy, doctor appointments and more. If you need of non-emergency medical transportation, contact KLG Mobile Intensive Co. today at (330) 337-4554 to schedule pick-up and drop-off times.

Never Miss a Doctor’s Appointment or the Treatments You Need

KLG Mobile Intensive Co. offers non-emergency medical transport services to area residents. Our goal is to make sure patients in Columbiana and Mahoning counties in Ohio do not miss crucial doctor appointments and care because of the lack of transportation. KLG Mobile Intensive Co. has a fleet of reliable ambulances and drivers whom will make sure you get to your care provider on time. When your appointment is over, KLG Ambulance will bring you back home safely. Whether you need transportation after a hospital discharge, inter-hospital transfers, psychiatric patient transport, local or out-of-town medical transport, or special needs transport, KLG Mobile Intensive Co. is ready to serve you. KLG Mobile Intensive Co. also provides medical standby for many community events in Columbiana and Mahoning counties.
Our ambulances provide transportation for non-emergency medical services Including:
Non-emergency transport
Doctor appointment
Hospital discharges
Dialysis patient transport
Inter-hospital transfers
Psychiatric patient transport
Local & out of town medical transport
Special Needs Transport
Physical Therapy Appointment
Wound Care Transport

With KLG Transportation Is Not a Barrier to Receiving the Care You Need

Consistent and reliable access to care is an essential for all residents in the community. KLG Mobile Intensive Co. is here to make sure that transportation is never a barrier to patients receiving the medical care and treatments they need. Common barriers can include having a physical, cognitive, mental, or developmental limitation. At KLG, our staff will make sure none of these prevent you from receiving the medical care you deserve for higher quality of life.

Our Compassionate Paramedics Are Always Available for Our Patients

KLG Mobile Intensive Co. provides non-emergency medical transportation to anywhere our patients need to go. We offer ambulance transportation services to hospitals, doctors offices, home health, skilled-nursing facilities, and hospice agencies. KLG Ambulance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year for non-emergency medical transportation services.